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When does it Start?
The most important days are highlighted Below

Following these details are the links to the individual days of the 40-Day Challenge. Feel free to explore the days to be better prepared for what's to come.

Boot Camp
Please contact us to get your "Bootcamp in a Box" DVD. Click here to find out more...

Try to get a Training Boot Camp to together in your area. Students, present the idea to your Youth Pastor and/or Youth Leader to help you get started. Youth Leaders, for more information about organizing a Training Boot Camp in your area, check out Key Elements for Youth Leaders.

Get a Journal
Your Assignment Journal is the most important part of your 40-Day Challenge experience. It is imperative that everyone have a personal copy to catalog their daily experience with God, creating a lasting impression of what God has shown you. Be sure to order your Journals early enough to make sure they get distributed to all participants. Have your Youth Leader order enough for you to pass out at "See You at the Pole".

Commissioning Day
This is the day you make a commitment before God in front of others. Find out more about this day here.

Day 1 - "See You at the Pole"
Meet one-half hour before your first class begins in front of the Flag Pole in front of your school to pray with other students. Wear your 40-Day Challenge T-shirt this day and every Wednesday thereafter. Need a t-shirt? Click here to find out how to get one!

Listen to audio from a caller to Z88.3 FM in Orlando, FL from last year's See You At The Pole

Check out the SYATP Website at

Here's an article about SYATP by The National Network of Youth Ministries to read as well.

The 40-Day Challenge
Assignment Journal

Week 1: Spiritual Preparation
Preday 1: Commissioning Day
Preday 2: X marks the Spot
Preday 3: Jericho March
Day 1: "See You at the Pole" (SYATP)
Day 2: “4:29” Your Administrator
Day 3: Demolition Derby
Day 4: All Over It!

Week 2: Personal Preparation
Day 5: Ask for Forgiveness
Day 6: Give Forgiveness
Day 7: Cross Examination
Day 8: Pick it Up
Day 9: Just Jokin'
Day 10: Everyone's Battle
Day 11: MIA

Week 3: Building Relationships
Day 12: Pay Tribute
Day 13: Connect Four
Day 14: "4:29" a Teacher
Day 15: Survey Says...
Day 16: Getting on" Tract"
Day 17: Take Aim
Day 18: Love Your Dad

Week 4: Evangelism Outreach
Day 19: Meet the Family
Day 20: Half-Time Report
Day 21: Radical Kindness
Day 22: Fast Food
Day 23: Rescue 911
Day 24: Word Up!
Day 25: Love Your Mom

Week 5: Pressing On
Day 26: Give It Up
Day 27: Pray for Our Leaders
Day 28: Rock On!
Day 29: Bring a Friend
Day 30: Start It Up
Day 31: No News is Good News
Day 32: Love Your Brother / Sister

Week 6: Celebration
Day 33: Community Service
Day 34: Clubbin'
Day 35:"4:29" Your Pastor
Day 36: No Askin'
Day 37: Show & Tell
Day 38: Props to Your Partner
Day 39: See You at the Celebration
Day 40: Leaving a Legacy

Why 40 Days?
Key Elements for Youth Leaders
Key Elements for Prayer Partners
Principles of Fasting
The Cassie Bernall Story
Get Extreme!
Student Survey
Guidelines to Preparing Your Personal Salvation Testimony
Use Your Illusion Tract
Steering Committee

Download the Journal
To download the Journal in PDF format, click here. You can print it; however, it will not be in a booklet format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. If you don't have this program, you can download it here for free.