Guidelines for Commissioning Day

On Commissioning Day, you make a commitment before God in front of others. Here are ideas for this very important day:

  1. If possible, be commissioned by a pastor at your church in front of the congregation. Have a prayer partner stand with you. The pastor should ask you the following questions:
    1. Will you pray for the unbelieving students in your school?
    2. Will you carry out The 40-Day Challenge assignments to the best of your ability?
    3. What will you fast that is a sacrifice to you?
    4. Who is praying for you? Every student needs an adult prayer partner for encouragement and accountability. We suggest weekly contact between you and your partner.
  1. After you answer these questions, the pastor can then pray over you. Anointing oil may be used at this time as a symbol of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit abiding in you.
  2. If you cannot be commissioned during the morning worship service, then ask your pastor if you can be commissioned during the evening service, a Sunday School class, or a youth meeting.
  3. If a pastor isn't available, then have your parents or another respected adult commission you.

Note: Make your commitment as public as possible so you will be held accountable!

What If I Miss Boot Camp or Commissioning Day?
You can start this journey at any time. If you hear about it on the radio or elsewhere and want to jump in, feel free. You should still be commissioned before you begin. Get going early!

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Good luck, and we hope this year's 40-Day Challenge is the best yet!