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DAY 21: Radical Kindness

There are probably students in your school who have said that they are gay or bisexual. They may think that they could never be Christian, or that Christians don't like them. Many of these students believe that Christians hate them and that God may hate them too. But God offers love and forgiveness to everyone who repents and puts their trust in him. And He gives freedom from the things that keep us in bondage to sin.Tell Pillar

Think of someone at school who identifies themselves as gay or bisexual, or who might feel out of place at a church. Make time today to talk to them and show them through acts of kindness that God loves them.

...the kindness of God leads you to repentance... Romans 2:4b


  • Apologize for any bad attitudes and mean jokes you or other Christians might have shown them.
  • Be kind, without compromising biblical moral beliefs about homosexuality.
  • Ask them what they think about God.
  • Explain how God loves them and wants them to know and follow Him.

Think of someone at work who is openly gay, or living another alternative lifestyle. Make opportunities to tell and show them that God loves them.

For Your Journal
What happened today? How did they respond?