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DAY 14: "4:29 A Teacher"

Write a note to let a teacher know he/she is special and that you prayed for him/her today.

Anyone who receives instruction in the word must share all good things with his instructor. Galatians 6:6

SuggestionsBless Pillar

  • Teachers help people, so pray a prayer of thanksgiving for them.
  • Teachers have a hard job, so pray a prayer for them to have strength and wisdom.
  • Teachers work long hours, so pray that God would strengthen and bless them during the time they've been away from their families.
  • Hand the note to the teacher and say, "This is for you...Thanks."
"For day 14 I got to "4:29" one of my teachers. She seemed happier that day and the next. At the time we were studying the Bible and I simply told her she was doing a good job 'teaching' something that could cause such dispute among the class."
— High School Student, from the Online Survey

Write a note to a co-worker or someone that helps you throughout the week and let them know that they're special and that you're praying for them.

For Your Journal
What happened today? Which teacher did you write to? What was their reaction?