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DAY 5: Ask for Forgiveness

Ask God to show you anyone (students, teachers, parents, etc.) whom you need to ask for forgiveness. Then, "just do it." A great way to begin the conversation is to say, "I realize that I've hurt you or disappointed you with my actions. Will you forgive me?"Tell Pillar

Therefore, if you...remember that your brother has something against you, first go and be reconciled to your brother... Matthew 5:23-24


  • To prepare us for the 40 days, we need to make things right in our own hearts first.
  • Start with family and friends at church today and before you go to school tomorrow, make a list of those you will ask for forgiveness. It could be a friend, teacher, or anyone that you feel you've offended.
  • Sometimes people will not accept your request to be forgiven. That's OK. Just be kind, and know you did what the Lord commanded you to do.

Ask God to show you anyone (family, co-worker, friend, etc.) whom you need to ask forgiveness. Then "just do it."

For Your Journal
What happened today? Who did you ask for forgiveness? How did they respond?

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