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DAY 7: Cross Examination

Begin wearing a CROSS today, or another Christian symbol, if you haven't been already. Wear it throughout the 40-Days as a reminder of the spiritual price that was paid for you. We are in a life and death battle. Many of our friends are deciding whom they will serve. Many do not even know they are making this choice. During The 40-Day Challenge you will have opportunities to explain what this spiritual battle is all about, and expect to have many opportunities to tell others about Jesus Christ.
Tell Pillar

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Psalm 22


  • When you see someone wearing a cross, ask them why they're wearing it. It's a great spiritual conversation starter. Their response will provide a lot of insight into their spiritual life. If they give you a flippant reason for wearing the cross, for example, "it looks pretty" or "it's just a piece of jewelry", etc., ask them if they know that the cross was introduced as a form of capital punishment during the Roman Empire. Therefore, it's like wearing an electric chair around your neck. That will give them a lot to think about and hopefully lead to a meaningful conversation about Jesus Christ.

Wear your cross today and throughout the 40-Days. If you see someone else wearing a cross, ask them about it. Speak of the spiritual battle.

For Your Journal
Did you see anyone wearing a cross today? If so, what was their reaction to your question?