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Youth Leader Key Elements

Interested in becoming involved in The 40-Day Challenge? Here are the Key Elements for you and your students to participate.

Participate in a Boot Camp
If you are reasonable for throwing the Boot Camp in your area, we have put together a complete "Bootcamp in a Box" DVD to help you do so. Find out how to get one here.

Here are some basic ideas to having a Boot Camp:

  1. Advertise (with your local Christian radio station) when the Boot Camp is in your area and let everyone know it is important that they attend. Invite youth pastors, students and other youth leaders.
  2. The most important part of Boot Camp is getting kids excited about The 40-Day Challenge. It provides a starting point and an encouragement for everyone as they prepare to make God an integral part of their life.
  3. Have Your Worship and Message focus on these topics:
    1. Week One: Commission - Spiritual Preparation
    2. Week Two: Cleanse - Personal Preparation
    3. Week Three: Compassion - Building Relationships
    4. Week Four: Call - Outreach
    5. Week Five: Celebrate - Follow-Up
    6. Week Six: Challenge - Walking the Walk

Get Journals for your students
The Assignment Journal is the most important part of the 40-Day Challenge experience. It is imperative that everyone have a personal copy to catalog their daily experience with God, creating a lasting impression of what God has shown you. Be sure to order your Journals early enough to make sure they get distributed to all participants. Order enough for your students to pass out at "See You at the Pole".

Get T-shirts for your students
The 40-Day Challenge t-shirts are powerful! You can check them out and find out how to order here.

Commission Students and Adults
At at the altar in front of your church congregation.The section Guidelines for Commissioning Day outlines some ideas for this very important day as told though the students' perspective.

Participate in the Kickoff
Kickoff is the same day as "See You At The Pole" (SYATP), one half-hour before school starts on a local campus. For creative ideas for students to undertake during "See You at the Pole", check out the SYATP Website at www.syatp.com.

Here's an article about SYATP by
The National Network of Youth Ministries to read as well.

Click Here to Listen to Audio from "See You at the Pole" Participants from last year

Teach the four pillars
Bless, Pray, Serve & Tell at weekly youth meetings. The four pillars are the foundation of The 40-Day Challenge. You can find more information in the Welcome section.

Need Sample Sermon Outlines?
You can check the Sermon Outlines section for sample sermons outlining the basic themes of The 40-Day Challenge.

connect Your Students
Try to connect an Adult Mentor with each student to offer support and assistance during the Challenge.

Participate in a Closing Rally
If you are not in the Central Florida area and can't make it to the Closing Rally, have one of your own! Check out who else is involved and team up.

Theme Song
Have your school band learn the song in time for the Closing Rally! You can download The 40-Day Challenge theme song, "Yes, I Believe In God", by Jericho Road, and the sheet music below:

"Yes, I Believe In God" - Click to Play. Right click and select, "Save Target As..." to Download

"Yes, I Believe In God" Song Sheet - Click to open in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click the icon below to download a free version.