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Pre-Day 2: x marks the spot

Tell Pillar One of the hottest movies this year has been The Passion of the Christ. The DVD was released last year, so be sure to purchase this inspiring movie to add to your collection. The Passion of the Christ recognizes the most important and talked about event in human history— the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ! The year is 2007 A.D.— A.D. is Latin for Amno Domini meaning "The Year of our Lord". Our calendar hinges on Jesus, no matter what your school textbooks say! As human history is marked by the cross, so mark yourselves for the next 40 Days. Draw an "X" on your hand with a marker as a reminder that what you do for the next 40 Days could be the most important 40 Days of your life. If you want to take it further, draw an "X" on your hand each day for the next 40 Days to say, "X marks the spot—I am living each moment for the Lord and leaving nothing to chance."

…And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this? Esther 4:14

Select one of the following to do during the 40-Day challenge:

  • Draw an X on your hand each day
  • Think of one good habit you will develop for The 40 Day Challenge that might become a part of your lifestyle. Write it down in your Journal
  • If you cannot draw on your hand, draw an “X” somewhere you can see it each day

Create a new habit and put an “X” either on your hand or near your desk to remind you of this new change.

for your journal
What new habit have you started? Did anyone ask about the “X” on your hand? What did you tell them?