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Special Testimonials

Comments from Online Survey Participants:

“It's something that all Christians can participate in...young and old.” — High School Student

“It's an awesome time to grow closer to God!” — High School Student

“I think the 40 Day Challenge is a great thing that opens your eyes to the needy people around you that you would otherwise overlook.” — High School Student

“It was great to see the students take on such an important leadership role at school.” — Adult Prayer Partner

“I will definite do it again in 2004 because it made me realize that Christ has called all believers to be salt and light wherever they go.” — College Student

“It was an amazing witnessing opportunity.” — High School Student

“It made me feel really good about myself.” — Middle School Student

“The 40 Day Challenge is just an awesome experience. Every year I find something I need to work on in my walk with God.” — High School Student

“Next year, I will try 100% harder to finish all the assignments.” — High School Student

“I like the very first day with “See You At the Pole” best. We do not have this in Germany. My brother and I went and prayed for his school at the pole.” — Adult Prayer Partner, Germany

"It was a bonding experience with our youth group." — High School Student

"My spirituality grew exponentially!" — Adult Prayer Partner

Lives affected by the 40-Day Challenge

The Liberty Middle School (Orlando, FL) FCA participated in The “Yes, I Believe in God”. The students were excited about the opportunity to show their belief in God and have a chance to do something nice for someone. Each day on the morning announcements, the activity of the day was announced so anyone could participate. The effect rippled throughout the school. Students came up to me everyday wanting to know how they could participate in the “Yes, I Believe in God” .
— Gail Strain, FCA Huddle Coach & Teacher at Liberty Middle School, Orlando, FL

I made a pretty big decision tonight. I’m ridding myself of 141 secular CD’s. That is a lot of music. I did the math and CD’s are generally $16 (in the year 2000)...this box of CD’s is worth $2,256.00. That is really a lot of money. It is ridiculously amazing to me how much money and time I’ve invested in the world and things that don’t glorify Jesus. — This decision was inspired by Demolition Derby (Day 3).
— Michelle Martinson, Pine Castle United Methodist Church, Orlando, FL

The 2002, “Yes, I Believe In God” was a wonderful experience. Being the first year of participation, I was uncertain how the youth would respond. I thought that the teenagers would view it as another waste of time. But it wasn’t! The spiritual affect that it had was amazing! We started with 20 teenagers and 20 mentors from our church body. Within a week, we had over 80 participating. Parents started to use the Journal for their whole family. Grandparents from our church sent Journals across the nation. People who were not involved began to join in by praying and fasting. The whole church embraced the idea. The response was so big that the Senior Pastor began to teach the four main pillars at our mid-week service. By the end of the 40 days, lives were changed. Old and young looked forward to the next year’s participation. Here at “Refuge,” we would strongly recommend the life changing, “Yes, I Believe In God” .
— Ed Clack, Youth Pastor, Refuge Youth Ministries, Evangel Assembly of God, Orlando, FL

Dear Ken and Lee, I am a partner with a youth who is participating in the “Yes, I Believe In God” 40-Day Challenge, in memory of Cassie Bernall, who was killed at Columbine High School in 1999. Each day the youth have a challenging assignment to try to complete which are mostly school related. Today, September 29, is called “Tribute Day.” Participants are encouraged to call or write a note of thanks to someone who had influenced them to become a Christian. So, I am led to write this note to the two of you. Yes, you did influence my steps to become a Christian, way back in early 1975. And for what you did, I will be eternally grateful.
Your old friend, Dick Rabner
— Dick Rabner, Adult Prayer Partner, Asbury UMC, Maitland, FL