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40-Day Challenge Logo
Download the Logo

The 40-Day challenge Main Logo
For most purposes, you will find the "Yes, I Believe in God" 40-Day Challenge logo onlthe left will suit your needs, whether it be for print, Web, or just personal use. The logo has a transparent background with a white matte, designed to look best against a white background. The preview shown below is 50% actual size.

You have permission to use the 40-Day Challenge Logo only as a whole without modification or change.

To save this logo on a PC, right click the image and choose "Save As...". On a MAC, simply drag the image to your desktop.

Additional Logos for the web
You can download additional 40-Day Challenge logo formats for the Web. This package contains the main logo, plus logos for Extreme Days, the four pillars, and more. These images are saved in PNG format for optimizing and resaving for use in front of any color or style background. Click here to download the ZIP file.

Additional Logos for Print
If you need 40-Day Challenge logos for print publications, this package is what you need. The "Yes, I Believe In God" logo and the "40-Day Challenge" trademark phrase must appear in any print material you may refer to The 40-Day Challenge:

2000-2007© "Yes, I Believe In God, 40-Day Challenge" All Rights Reserved.

These logos are in EPS format in color and black and white for placement in any page layout program. Click here to download the ZIP file.